Design a Bird Feeder Challenge

Posted On: Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Design a Bird Feeder Challenge

Bird feeders allow people to study birds and provide food for birds when their  source is limited.

Your challenge is to design a bird feeder designed to feed and protect birds that are local to your community.
Step 1: Select a bird that is native to Tennessee using the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency website
Step 2: Read about your selected bird's habitat, diet, and unique physical features.
Step 3: Using the Engineering Design Process Guide, plan and create a bird feeder to feed your selected bird species.  For the creation, use items you have around your house. Consider how you will attract the bird to your feeder, hold the feed, and keep other species from stealing the food. 

Step 4: Put fruit, seed, or anything else you may have in the feeder and set aside 30 minutes to observe the feeder. Did the birds come and feed? Why or why not? How could you improve your design to better attract and feed your bird species. 
Step 5: Ask your parent or teacher to share a picture of your bird feeder design on social media using #MakerMondayTN and #LearningInPlaceTN!

Additional Resources:

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