backthe blue
Posted On: Monday, November 25, 2019


We are students in the Chick-fil-a Leader Academy at Elizabethton High School.  One of our projects for December is Back the Blue.  We would like to request your assistance to encourage your faculty and students to wear blue on Wednesday, December 4 to support the school’s S.R.O.  Part of this project is to help students realize that these officers are there to help them.  Some students may be afraid of the police because they may have seen their parents taken away by the police.  We want to raise awareness that students do not need to be afraid of law enforcement and to show our support for what they do for us.

     We started this project a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, we have been shown how important law enforcement is for the safety in our schools.  They defend us each day against threats which we are not even aware that exist.

Please help us with this project by encouraging all the faculty and students in Elizabethton City Schools to wear BLUE on DECEMBER 4th to stand united in our support of our S.R.O.’s and our local, state and federal law enforcement officers.

If you would like to participate, a simple flyer attached to this email that can be used in your school.  Or, students might like to create their own posters to show their support.

Thank you for your consideration of our request.



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