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Assignments for 4/1/2020

Posted On: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

West Side Kindergarten day 3 of

Story time:

Go to Youtube and listen or watch If I ran for President.  Retell the story.  Talk about what you would do if you were president.

On the tic tac toe board pick at least three activities.

Review the attached sight words list daily.

Math Corner:

Do calendar time.  Tricky teens.  Write all teen numbers.  Dicuss how many tens and ones is in each teen number.  Example, 13 has one ten and 3 ones. 

Writing prompt today is, Which do you like better, rain or snow and why?

You kindergarten teachers hope you have a great day!


West Side  First Grade week one

Reading: Each day read at least one book or your choice!

Phonics: r-controlled vowels: Pick an attached phonics sheet to complete daily.

Spelling words are attached to the packet.

Pick one activity a day to using your spellings words with out of the six.

Practice the attached sight words daily.

Complete attached daily writing assignments.

Daily Math Practice:

Monday - Fact Families #1

Tuesday - Fact Families #2

Wednesday - Addition and subtraction (true/false)

Thursday - Word Problems

Friday - Missing Addends

Continue to practice addition and subtraction math facts.


Your first grade teachers hope you have a great day!


Second Grade Learning for March 27 to April 3 for Mrs. Pless and Mrs. Ensor.


Morning Work Packet- There are 2 of these with one page for each day for two weeks.

This is great for reviewing skills.

Reading – Wonders Reading book- page 212  I Fall Down Read the story at least 3 times and answer 1 box on the Reading Homework sheet about the story each time.

Page 232  Mr. Putter and Tabby See the Stars   Read the story at least 3 times and answer 1 box on the Reading Homework sheet about the story each time.

Read independently anything you have at home- it’s a great time to read a chapter book.

Your Turn Practice Workbook pages 101 to 120 go with the 2 stories they are reading. If the page doesn’t have instructions/doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it.

There is another packet of review work that has both reading and math skills in it. Students can do 1 page each day for practice.


Math - The math in the books are the lessons we would be covering if we were here. This is new material. If there is something your child really struggles with, please make note and we will go over when we return.

Week One - Recognize and Draw Shapes

Instruction Math book  pages 244 to 245

Interim Assessment Lesson 26  pages 248 to 257

Practice and Problem Solving  book pages 271 to 280



2nd Fox Day 1

Morning work- Day 6

Reading- Test Smart Practice pgs. 28-31 Synonyms

Spiral ELA Review 34 (Days 1-2)

Spelling- See you Later, Alligator- Rhymes

A Day w/ Clay- synonyms

Math- Begin Practice test 2 (#1-15)

Fact Practice sheet- Find sums to 20- always both front and back- may time yourself, always have adult check over work

Social Studies Reader TN Studies Week 5- reread throughout week as needed

Writing- The Magic Wand- Brainstorm- You need to think of a story with a beginning, middle, and end.  What is your main character like? What change of heart does one character have throughout the story?

Day 2

Morning work- Day 7

Reading- Test Smart Practice pgs. 20-23 Word Analysis- Vowels

Spiral ELA Review 34 (Days 3-5)

Spelling- Fight the Dragon (long i)

Mystery word

Math- Finish Practice test 2 (#16-30)

Fact Practice sheet- Subtract within 20

Writing- The Magic Wand- 1st Draft- Do you have a main character?  Do you have three parts of a story?

Day 3

Morning work- Day 8

Reading- Two Little Kittens packet- Reread “The Blind Men and the Elephant”- Highlight similes (comparisons using like/as)- Go over questions

Spiral ELA Review 37 (Days 1-2)

Spelling- Flip for riddles (long e)

Math- Lesson 20 quiz

Fact Practice sheet- Find sums to 10

Writing- The Magic Wand- Use an extra paper- Draw pictures of the main events in the story- like a comic strip

Day 4

Morning work- Day 9

Reading- Two Little Kittens packet- Reread “How to Make a Drinking Cup”- Go over questions

Spiral ELA Review 37 (Days 3-5)

Spelling- Crossword Fun (long a, e, i, o)

Math-Lesson 22- Star book 225-230

Fact Practice sheet- Find sums 11 to 20

Writing- The Magic Wand Narrative- keep rereading, editing, and proofreading

Day 5

Morning work- Day 10 quiz

Reading- Test Smart Practice pgs. 24-26 compound words

Spiral ELA Review 38 (Days 1-2)

Spelling- At the Beach- compound words

Handwriting practice-

Math- Lesson 22 Quiz

Fact Practice sheet- Catch up- Finish any unfinished pages of fact practice for this week. Find a different way to practice your facts.

Writing- The Magic Wand- rewrite final draft neatly

--------------WEEK 2------------------

Day 6

Morning work- Begin packet “The New, Old Piano”- Capital letters and the back on a/an

Reading- Two Little Kittens packet- Reread “Eight Legs Running”- context clues- Go over questions

Spiral ELA Review 38 (Days 3-5)

Spelling- - Rhyming puzzles

Math- Lesson 24 quiz

Fact Practice sheet- Subtract within 10

Social Studies reader 6- reread throughout week as needed

Writing- School Uniforms- Brainstorm only- How do you feel about it?

Day 7

Morning work- Continue packet “The New, Old Piano”

Reading- Reread “In the Middle”- Writing Prompt- Which character would you like to be and why? (Topic sentence, describe that character, reason you like character, conclusion sentence)

Spiral ELA Review 39 (Days 1-2)

Spelling- Puppy Love- plurals, Plural Pointers

Math- Lesson 26- Shapes Star book 273-280

Fact Practice sheet- Subtract within 20

Writing- School Uniforms- What are three reasons you feel this way

Day 8

Morning work- Packet “The New, Old Piano”- “It’s Opposite Day” on adverbs

Reading- The Woodcutter’s Gift

Spiral ELA Review 40 (Days 1-2)

Spelling- I scream for Ice Cream- plurals

Math- Lesson 26 quiz

Fact Practice sheet- Find sums from 11 to 20

Writing- School uniforms- Write first draft.

 Day 9

Morning work- Packet “The New, Old Piano”- “Describe It”, “The Chameleon” (all pages on adjectives)

Reading- BiblioBurro

Spiral ELA Review 40 (Days 3-5)

Spelling- Ice Cream teams- irregular plurals

Math- Lesson 27- Star book pgs. 283-288

Fact Practice sheet- Find sums to 20

Writing- School uniforms- edit/ proofread

 Day 10

Morning work- Packet “The New, Old Piano”- catch up day- finish any unfinished pages

Reading- Kids’ Choice Reading- Choose a story from your textbook or one of your own books to read.

Spiral ELA Review- Catch up day

Spelling- Packet “The New, Old Piano”- “Drop a Coin”, “Happy Endings”- rhymes

Math- Lesson 27- quiz

Fact Practice sheet- Finish any unfinished fact practice sheets or study your facts in another way

Writing- School uniforms- final draft


Third Grade  Day 3 Assignments


Mrs. Mathena E.L.A.

Re-read the article "History of Human Flight" in the worksheet packet.  Time your reading for 1 minute.  Your goal is to read 127 words per minute with few or zero errors to be on track.  Count how many words you read correctly and errors and complete the chart on the bottom of worksheet page 185.  Did you improve from yesterday?  Complete the questions on worksheet page 185.  Remember to re-read to find text evidence.  Underline the text evidence  in the article.  Restate your question to be sure you are answering in a complete sentence.  Check and make sure you started each sentence with a capital letter and ended each sentence with correct punctuation. 


Read and complete worksheet page 186 in your packet. 


Ms. Penley Math

Complete instruction book pages 302 to 305 and the accompanying workbook pages 317 and 319.  Time yourself for 5 minutes and see how many multiplication problems you solve accurately (#4)


Mrs. Grindstaff Science


Lesson 4  Wednesday

Read pages 447 to 457.  Complete all “Active Reading” and interactive work within these pages.

Complete pages 459 to 460.


Your third grade teachers home you have a wonderful day!


Fourth Grade  Assignments for Day 3


Mrs. Keene will be at the school on Thursday during the lunch times of 11:30 to 12:30 for any student that wants to pick up  the recorder that they purchased.  She has also put music activities under assignments on  her web page that you can do.


Dr. Markland E.L.A.

Literature Anthology - Read and complete pages 534 to 537

Your Turn Practice Book - Complete page 298

Reading/Writing Workshop - Read and complete pages 444 to 445

Grammar packet - complete page 148


Mrs. Davis Math

Solving Multi-Step Word Problems pages 106 to 107


Mrs. Deloach Social Studies

News Paper 23 Slavery: The Issue that Divided the Nation

Read and highlight important information

Complete vocabulary


Your fourth grade teachers hope you have a wonderful day!


West Side Fifth Grade  Assignments Day 3


Ms. Adams E.L.A.

45 minutes of independent reading (AR)

Read and answer questions pages 20 to 23.

Language pages 6 and 7.


Mrs. Blevins Math

Decimals and Operations - Do front and back.

Add and Subtract Fractions - Do front and back.


Mrs. Snodgrass Science

Review - Inheritance and individual variation.


Your fifth grade teacher hope you have a great day!

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