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Dear Families,


My name is Amy Cole.  I am your child’s teacher.  I have been teaching at Harold McCormick since 1997.  I have three great kids; a girl in college at E.T.S.U., a boy who is a Senior in Highschool and a 4 year old! So I do understand how hard it is to send your child to Kindergarten.  I really enjoy teaching Kindergarten!  I hope you and your child enjoy his/her first year of school!

Discipline:  I use a “traffic light” system for discipline.  Your child will begin the day on green or “ready to learn”. If I have to speak to your child about an issue and the child corrects the behavior,  he/she may have a yellow for the day depending on how many times he/she was asked.  If I talk to your child about an issue numerous times and the issue has not been corrected your child will receive a red for the day and will have a note to explain why.

Rewards:  I feel positive praise is a great reward for my students!  I praise them constantly through the day for following the rules, trying his/her best, working together, and for being good friends to each other.  I also have a “treasure box” that they will be allowed to get into on Fridays. We are also incorporation Bee Good slips and Bee dollars! More information to come!

Homework:  Your child will have homework on most days.  Please set aside a time to help him/her with it.  Creating a “homework” area at home away from distractions (T.V., video games, and other children) is a great way to help them. 

Read to your child as much as possible!  I know our lives are busy but, try to read to them every night. 

BEE AWESOME!  Bumble BeeOur school has a new awesome program to encourage children to be good citizens! Keep watching for more information!



If you have any questions please ask me anytime.  You can call the office and leave a message (547-8020).

                                                                             Thank you,

                                                                             Mrs. Amy



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