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    Governor Lee has closed school buildings for students physically to return for the remainder of this semester. However, the school system will continue online learning throughout the last instructional day of the school year. ECS will receive guidance as the COVID task force meets in the days to come. The feeding programs will continue as scheduled. We will be sending out information about other events important to parents and students early next week. Please continue social distancing and good hygiene to decrease the spread of the virus in our area. We will provide updates about the 2020-2021 School Year

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Basketball (Girls)


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WBEJ and The Tom Taylor Sports Show broadcast our games play-by-play.

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Lady Cyclones 2019-2020 Basketball Schedule

Date                                       Opponent                            Place                               Time 

Nov 12                                    Tenn High                             Cherokee                          GV 5:00

Nov 23                                    Science Hill                           Science Hill                       HOF JV 1:00  V 4:00

Nov 26-30                               TBA                                      Bahamas                          TBA (Gv only)

Dec 3                                     Happy Valley                          EHS                                  g,b,G,B

Dec 6                                     Knox Bearden                      Science Hill                         GV 4:00

Dec 7                                     Stone Memorial                    Science Hill                        GV 1:00

Dec 10                                   Cosby                                     Cosby                              g,G,B

Dec 13                                   Sullivan Central                       EHS                                g,b,G,B

Dec 16                                   University High                     University High                   g,b,G,B

Dec 20                                   Mt. Pisgah                            Knox Webb                        V 3:30

Dec 21                                   Knox Webb                          Knox Webb                        V 12:00

Jan 3                                      Mount Heritage NC           Mount Heritage                    g,b,G,B

Jan 7                                      Johnson County                  Johnson County                g,b,G,B

Jan 10                                    Unicoi County                     Unicoi County                     g,b,G,B

Jan 11                                    Cosby                                     EHS                                b,G,B

Jan14                                     Sullivan South                     Sullivan South                 g,b,G,B

Jan 17                                    Sullivan East                        EHS                                g,b,G,B

Jan 20                                    University High                   EHS                                  g,b,G,B

Jan 24                                    Sullivan Central                  Sullivan Central                g,b,G,B

Jan 28                                    Happy Valley                       Happy Valley                    g,b,G,B

Jan 31                                    Johnson County                  EHS                                 g,b,G,B

Feb 4                                      Unicoi County                     EHS                                 g,b,G,B

Feb 7                                      Sullivan East                        Sullivan East                   g,b,G,B

Feb 11                                   Sullivan South                     EHS                                  g,b,G,B

Feb 19-25                             District Tournament          Sullivan East                       TBA - G,B

Feb 28                                   Regional Tournament       TBA                                  TBA - G,B

Head Coach – Lucas Andrews

Assistant Coaches – Maci Andrews, Gordon Smith, Virgil McKee, Brian Jenkins

Managers – Kailey Peters, Anna Siepert

Athletic Director – Forrest Holt

Principal – Jon Minton

Game times g=4:00, b=5:00, G=6:30, B=8:00 unless other wise posted




2019-2020 Varsity Roster