XQ Super School Swap

Posted On: Thursday, October 24, 2019

EHS and Crosstown students from Memphis took part in a new venture put together with our XQ super schools. This project is where students and teachers learn through "project-based education". Four students and two teachers from both schools traveled last week to "swap" schools for a few days. This gave students the opportunity to be immersed in a different culture and environment. EHS students visited Crosstown Commons School, a vertical urban village (https://www.crosstownhigh.org ), is one of the largest buildings in America where the school is just a part of over 100 shops, businesses, restaurants, etc. in the same building. Their experience was a good example of diversity for education. 
Students and staff from Memphis toured EHS, then met with EHS students, community partners, and staff to talk about their school experiences. They also enjoyed a few local hot spots such as J's Corner and Ridgewood BBQ. The Memphis students do not have a school football team, therefore several of them were very excited to watch the EHS Varsity Football Team play last Friday Night.

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